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Latest Novel: NIGHT OF THE MOTHERS, Re-imagining the Magi.

(Spirituality Fiction, 310 pages, 2013, Singing Stars Press, $25)
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Night of the Mothers: four Magis find the Star

What did the Magi, wise women believe two thousand years ago following the Brightest Star? Colors, atmosphere, wisdom teachings and aromas spring vividly before the readers in this imagined novel set in ancient Jerusalem, Iona and modern New York City. Celtic, Sufi, Hindu and Buddhist Magi join Greek, Roman, Hebrew and a descendent of the Queen of Sheba in this mystical, time-traveling novel as if you are there.
"Read this novel and you too will be there. Running across the flowering desert with the wind in your hair, celebrating life." Christopher Stickler, spiritual counselor

(Novel, 218 pages, 2012, Singing Star Press, $20)
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One Hundred Thousand Lights: a love song to India

When a High-tech Journey to India Grows Mystical

Leaving behind a two-timing fiancé and job stealing colleague, carrying only her smart phone and a spiritual guidebook, Grace Avery lands alone in India to a Mumbai strike, Trivandrum riot, wild Chennai bus ride, the beauty of Pondicherry, the peace of Tiruvannamalai, the brilliance of Puttaparthi and reconciliation in Bangalore. Guided from one mystical experience to another, surrounded by found compassionate friendships, deep spiritual by yogis and gurus teachings of love, she finds inside the real meaning of her name, Grace.


"I felt as though I was on a virtual tour of India - all the smells, the colors, the sounds, the people. Thanks for bringing the sacred aspect of India to life. Five Stars." - Kathleen Sommers

(Spiritual Healing/Self Help, 150 pages, 2007, Weisers Books, $15)
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Wise Secrets of Aloha: learn the sacred Art of Lomilomi

Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim tells author Garnette Arledge the healing secrets of Lomilomi. As a Keeper of the Deep Mysteries, he teaches the techniques that open us to healing the body and spirit. Lomilomi is an esoteric healing tradition with four basic techniques that he reveals for the first time in this book. He teaches that physical healing is a small bit, that Lomilomi is emotional evolution, a gift from Spirit to humanity, available to all of us. "There will be no tests. Nobody fails. Therein is your growth." he says.

This is a lovely book that raises the vibrations of the reader and imparts both knowledge and wisdom about the traditional Hawaiian practice of Lomilomi, and about Hawaiian thought and spirituality in general." - Charlotte Berney, author of Fundamentals of Hawaiian Mysticism.

(Spirituality, Death and Dying, Self Help, 246 pages, 2004, Square One Publishers, $15)
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On Angels Eve: practicalities for comforting a journey to dying well

A growing number of people are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of saying, "I love you" and "good-bye" to those on the threshold of death. It is a poignant, powerful time. As human beings, we are all fragile, and the fear of dying is something everyone shares. Yet it is a journey that can be made, especially with the support of those we love.

As a hospice chaplain and spiritual mentor, Garnette Arledge has helped hundreds of people through this time of approaching death, which she refers to as "Angel's Eve."

It is a time in which the anxiety and fear of dying is replaced with the calming presence of "Angels"--the children, siblings, parents, partners, dear friends and angelic presences who help fill last moments together with remembrances, reconciliation, and even forgiveness.

On Angel's Eve is a guidebook for these comforters of the dying. Through her hands-on involvement and the knowledge gained from world traditions on death and dying.

Arledge shares the tools and skills that help make this a time of happiness and fulfillment rather than one of fear and anxiety. In addition to helping alter negative views of death, she offers practical suggestions for passing bedside time together with activities such as administering therapeutic massage, having taped conversations, relaxing through breathing techniques, and using laughter to lift spirits.

On Angel’s Eve is designed to replace the final moments belonging in myth to the Grim Reaper with the blessing of a gathering of Angels.

When someone you love begins that last journey, you'll want to be one of those Angels. On Angel's Eve, with its message of hope, helps show you how.


    1. Putting Dying in Perspective;
2. Building the Team;
3. Developing Conversation Skills

    Insights from World Religions
    4. Hinduism;
5. Buddhism;
6. Judaism;
7. Christianity

    8. Creative Perspectives Memoirs;
9. The Body Electric Soothing Touch Jin Shin Jyustu
10. On Angel’s Eve -The Butterfly Option


Making Peace with Dying

All the words that I utter,
Must spread out their wings untiring,
And never rest in their flight
Till they come where your sad, sad heart is.”
--William Butler Yeats

Self-Help: How to sit vigil. "Beautifully written" - Laurie Schwartz, founder Ulster County Hospice, Kingston, NY I wrote this book after my work as a Hospice Chaplain in NJ and NY as guidelines for families and friends tending the bedsides of loved ones. Meaningful things you can do to support, love and comfort the dying, their families and friends. Conversation skills, prayers, great poetry and instructions on preparing Living and Ethical Wills, Writing Eulogies, Forgiveness exercises and exploring world spiritual traditions.Available here, click my email link to order an autographed copy from me, or order on-line at Amazon. Bookstores everywhere will order for you. If you order from Amazon, please take a moment to review the book please. Thank you = Mahalo nui nui, Garnette

Here's one story from my memoirs: Mama Sallie Stories,
Growing up in the Great Smokies, Washington DC, Princeton and Hudson Valley

A first memory, from the core of my being, is waking up in Mama Sallie’s ample bed, snuggled into her great, soft, billowing love. However, they tell me my first word was JIM not Mama Sallie. How it gratified my grandfather, Judge James Edward Shipman. For Papa Jim would come into to her bedroom before dawn, while his shaving water was heating in the kitchen, to light the pre-laid fire in her fireplace. His quiet, always dignified movements may have roused me first. But it was the striking of the match, the magic flame springing up, dispelling the dark that astonished me.

Jim! I thought it meant fire. I thought he made fire.


Jane Austen, and her friends, was an eight-week exploration, really a romp, of Austen's six books and brief mentions of the more than one hundred (still counting) re-imaginings of the further adventures of the various beloved characters. So enjoyed teaching this course in New Paltz, NY to the many Austen aficionados - and one male for one session.

Now in gratitude for receipt of this letter (although as a result of Jane Austen immersion I tend to mimic Austen's style too closely. Just need to get back to my own breezy way of coping with writing.)

Dear Garnette,

On behalf of the LLI Council and membership, I want you to know how exceedingly grateful we are to you for all you continue to do to advance our success in responding to this community's enthusiasm for learning.

Jane Austen and Her Admirer's Sequels was one of our most popular courses. The reactions of those who just completed your course reveal how very well you met their expectations. We do hope you found the experience equally gratifying. We are looking forward to your being part of the LLI faculty again in the fall. With our sincerest thanks and best wishes.

Gail K. Gallerie, President


Night of the Mothers
Table of Contents

Follow the Star

Star in the East

King Herod Trouble

Herod's Mad Dance

Spying Queen

Mary Draws Nigh

Star Augurs Forgiveness

The Butterfly Nap

Holy Birth

Heaven & Earth Rejoice

Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh

Another Way of Seeing

One Hundred Lights: A love song to India
Table of Contents

Mumbai Landing -MahaShivaratri at Kobulum Beach

Alone in Asia

Lost Friend

Kabir: Never Alone

To Bangaluru by rail

Ramana Maharshi Ashram
B'lore Mike

Yogi Ram in Tiruvanamali
Dr. Sharada Devi

Sri Aurobindo & The Mother
Pondi Bus

Return to Tiru
Life is a Game, Play it

Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Help Ever, Hurt Never

Moment of Being, Whitefields

Beams of Love

After Words, Bliss

Award winning, published author Garnette Arledge, member of the Author's Guild, is companioned by Gracie, a therapy Sky Blue Terrier who does a great up-and-down-dog yoga. Garnette has been a private plane pilot, journalist, newspaper Editor, Mother and gardener. She has a Masters of Divinity, magna cum, Drew University. Once active in women's issues, she co-hosted and wrote a public tv show Get Fresh, ran art bus tours ,current affairs discussions, book groups and cultural programs as President of American Association of University Women, Kingston, NY Branch. Upcoming work includes more novels and blog entries (found on while looking forward to some time for publication of poetry chap books. She writes reviews on GoodReads & Facebook, photographs, paints, mentors others in publishing. She is the founder of Singing Stars Press. But mostly, she reads.

You can order signed copies of all by clicking on my email below. Also available on Amazon and bookstores, just search Garnette Arledge. On Angel's Eve is available in ebook. Others pending

Garnette Arledge
transforming your stories into your legacies

Memoir Group continues in New Paltz for those who wish to write their own legacies with group support and Garnette as the writing mentor. Prompts, positive feedback and encouragement will support you finally getting around to it!
We meet from noon to two, on first and third Mondays.

Virginia Woolf's Heirs, meditation and creative writing group, meets on second and fourth Tuesdays. Meditation, writing, sharing, support: the recipe for completing work. Join us even if you think you have small experience with either.

Contact Garnette to interview and write a family or personal memoir for you.

Note from Client: Many thanks for putting my husband's life story together. It pleased him so much (as a surprise 75th birthday present). And it has made the children feel good too. It makes me happy to see him happy about seeing what he means to us.

Kind conversations
collecting personal life stories

You decide if you wish family wisdom kept in a beautiful book with photographs, artwork and drawings, on the web or simply story by story.

Quotes from clients:
“My mom brightens with your visits.”

“He looks forward to talking with you,
thanks so much.”

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